Bag Lady

So this is my new addiction. I have made 4 already, but none for me. As soon as my teenage nieces saw what I was making they wanted one. Now my girls want one each. They are so quick to make. I think I’m also going to make some of these for teacher’s christmas presents.

                                  Pattern: Elisa’s Nest Tote from Purlbee

                                     Wool: Peaches & Cream




Vacation’s over!!!!

 Just back from vacation, after spending 2 weeks on a lake, no tv, or computer access, but it was sooo much fun. I did alot of reading, and some knitting. I will have photos of the trip and F.O.. I can’t believe my kids start back at school next Tuesday, where did the summer go. Spent the day getting school supplies, and first soccer practice was today. Good bye to the lazy, carefree, no schedule days of summer.

Long Time!!!

Wow, it has been ages since I posted. I have been having issues with my camera (I sooo have to get a new one), and I have’nt been able to upload until now. I just finished this.

   PATTERN: Make One For Baby

I swear nearly all my friends are pregnant. I just started another one for another friend, I’m staying away from the water they’re drinking.

My 13 year old loves to fish, so last weekend we spent the day at the river (gets him away from x box). The kids had a great time, did’nt even hear “I’m bored”. Here’s some pics of them.

I spent the day laying on these rocks knitting and reading. Have a great day.

Summer Is Here!!

Yes, summer is here. My kids have been out of school for a week, right now they are all still in bed. We had our last soccer tournament last weekend, so that means scheduled activities are over for the summer. No more driving here and there, instead just relaxing, fun, swimming, playing and reading. My friend thinks I’m crazy for liking summer break, with the kids home, but I do. Not only do I have my kids, but there is usually some of their friends sleeping over every other night (we had 6 the other night).

I have another finished project. My daughters 4th grade teacher is expecting so I crochet a baby blanket. My Daughter picked the color and the pattern.

                  Pattern:Make One For Baby

It was really quick to make, usually I hate following crochet patterns but this one I managed to stick too. I’m making another blanket for a friend right now, and then I want to start this.

Kizkalesi Scarf


Another finished project. I love this scarf. It was a very quick and easy knit.

                     Pattern: Old Shale Scarf from Tiennie Knits

                     Wool:    Kizkalesi from Scouts Swag

Cable Comfort

I have actually been knitting. I have quite a few small projects on the needles, but I have’nt taken many pictures. My camera is on the blink, I dropped it, and now my pics are either too dark or have too much of a glare. I’m looking for a new camera, any suggestions??? Keep in mind it has to be simple to use.

Here are some pictures of some finished work, I love these two items.




The fingerless gloves are such a quick and easy knit

                      Pattern Evangeline Fingerless Mitts from Magknits

Since MagKnits is no longer on line, if you want to see some really beautiful pictures of these mitts go here, she does the most beautiful knitting I have seen. I love her blog.

 The neck warmer I love, I can’t wait to wear it this winter

                                   Pattern: Tudora from Knitty winter 2007

My computer is so slow today, it has taken me 3-4 attempts to post this



My girls had their singing recitals this week. D#2 had hers on Tuesday and D#1’s was last night. Even though they are both in the same elementary school, they were held on different nights. D#2 (7year old) who always wears jeans, shorts etc., insisted that she wanted to wear a white dress (The dress for the recital was white, black, or both colors). So needless to say at the chance of a photo op of her in a dress I bought her one. Oh and she looked so cute.

Now D#1 (10 year old)  decided that she too needed a dress since her sister got one.

Here is the best part of it, I bought the dresses on sale here. I thought I was paying $9.99 for them, but when I went to the checkout to pay for them, surprise, surprise, they were only $3.24 each. Can you believe it.


As usual in April we had our spring day and then the next day it snowed. I was waiting for that last cold day, so I could plant flowers. Living in the desert, most of our yard is rock!!!, but coming from Ireland if I can’t have green then I have to have flowers. So this weekend I filled my outdoor pots with flowers.

Hopefully I will have flowers everywhere in a few weeks. Now unto the next thing!!!!

What is that??? Well when we were redoing our bathroom, my husband had the bright idea of putting the bathtub in the back yard as a flower pot!!! and for some reason he spray painted it bright green ( I guess he thought it would remind me of Ireland). So needless to say it has acted as a bug collector over the years. It is also too heavy to move. But I have finally found a use for it.

My herb garden, I planted Thyme, Parsley, Mint, and Sage.

Have a great day.

Starbucks & Springcleaning


Sitting here drinking my Nonfat Venti Latte from Starbucks, I’m thinking, what do they put in the Starbucks, that makes a mature women get in her car and drive to the drive thru (with gas at >$3.00) just for a cup of starbucks, no other errands to run, just coffee!!!! But it is so worth it.

Just finished spring cleaning, amazing what you can find under beds!! I love this time of year, opened all the windows, gentle breeze blowing thro the house, you can already hear the birds outside. Although I can see Sabrina and Smokie(my 2 cats) watching the birds too! and I don’t think its their singing they are enjoying.

Tomorrow I am going to go through my yarn stash, I did find some yarn under beds too. I have been busy knitting small things (I promise pictures soon) but I need to see what I have in my stash before I can go shopping for more yarn.

Have a great day.

Back To Normal!!!!

So 2 weekends of travelling for soccer tournaments and I’m exhausted. It feels soooo good to sleep in one’s own bed. The first weekend my son and I went to Las Vegas, they did’nt do very well in the tournament but they had fun. Now if you can only imagine bringing sixteen 13 year old boys around the Vegas Strip at night!!! I did have my first In-N-Out Burger, it was delicious. I know with all the gourmet restaurants etc, I’m drooling over an in-n-out burger. Last weekend we drove to Las Cruces for another tournament, the whole family went this time. My food of choice here was Dairy Queens Chocolate dipped icecream cone(:, needless to say I’ve already gone for my run today.

I have done some knitting, actually crochet. I finished a baby blanket on the drive for my D#1 teacher. I’ll post pictures this week. You know this is 2 years in a row D#1’s teachers have had babies. I’ve also finished 2 sets of fingerless mittens. Have a great day(:

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