Weekend Relaxation Not!!!


                          Three soccer games on Saturday

                        Visit to the library to stock up for nightly reading for all.

                      A little knitting in between soccer games.

Don’t forget food, laundry, and some one (teenager who will remain nameless) has to go shopping and get a haircut on Sunday. I’m not a TGIF type of girl, I am more of a Thank God It’s Monday they are all gone back to school and work, so I can now relax.


Sugar Rush

My kids are suffering the effects of too much sugar after Trick or treating. Here are the girls in their costumes

It was windy and cold, but they had a lot of fun. I had 8 kids at my house and everyone went trick or treating together

The wood floor in the pictures, is my new floor in the living room. They are still working on the room, and there is dust everywhere. But soon it will be done. This weekend (in between soccer practices) we will go look for furniture.Yea, even though soccer season is over, S#2 and D#1 are still playing. They are playing tournaments now.

Reading update. I usually get all my books from the library, but this week I had to breakdown and buy not 1 but 3 books. They are all part of a series. Now these books are not ones I would usually read, but they were highly recomended. When I saw that there were 19 holds in the library on the first one, I went and bought them

Twilight (Twilight, Book 1)New Moon (Twilight, Book 2)
                                 Eclipse (Twilight, Book 3)

So I’m ready to get started reading them this weekend


This is the reason I’m doing less knitting than I had planned. I’m not sure what I did, I think I strained or pulled something in my wrist when I was lifting crates of water out of the car. I can move it, but it Makes a “clicking” sound (does’nt sound good!!!) when I turn it. I’ve had this brace on for a week. I guess I should really go to a doctor and get it checked (duh!!). Nurses are the worst about going to the doctor. It’s my right hand too. But on to fun stuff, we are still having a great summer. Here are the girls at a baseball game.

I think they enjoyed the food more than the game. They had a firework display after the game. Yesterday we had a water play day with 10 kids in the backyard, it included water guns and surprisingly there were no tears. Here is D#2 helping and carrying a friend


I have been reading alot this summer. I finally broke down and bought the following 2 books, they have been on hold in the library for weeks.



I enjoyed them both, but if I had to choose I think I would pick Friday night knitting. It has a surprising ending. Both of these are quick reads.

Have a great day.

Lazy Days


So its 2 weeks into summer vacation and I am still enjoying it. So far kids are not fighting with each other, we have had many sleepovers, some nights I have a total of six kids in the house. We are just spending our time having fun, and no schedule. We have been swimming everyday as1019.gif

We also go to our local library every week for their Summer Reading Program. It is amazing how little trinkets that they receive there for every hour of reading encourages them to read more. I too have been reading alot.

                                             as3668tn.gif Here are some of the books I have been reading. They are all quick reads, which is what I need when I take them swimming.

10766996.gif  11119817.gif  8066401.gif 10202545.gif 8986201.gif

As for knitting, I’m still working on the same 2 projects. I knit a few rows of each most days, but it is slow going. I am determined to finish them before I start anything else.


As I said it is lazy days, so not alot is getting done, but everyone is having fun. Have a great day.

My Sisters Keeper


 A co worker gave me this book to read on Tuesday. My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I could’nt put it down, it was great. I will warn you that it is very emotional, and even the most hardened person will probably cry reading this. I believe it affected me more so as I have had a sick child who had open heart surgery at nine months, and even though the illness is completely different in the book, it brings back many memories and feelings. The ending is a complete surprise, I did’nt even expect it. I highly recommend this book, it will be interesting to see what others thought of it.

The Dreaded Dentist

Last time I posted, I mentioned I had lost a crown. and my fear of dentists. So I made an appointment for the dentist on Tuesday afternoon, and they told me just bring your CROWN and we’ll put it back on. No Problem!!! Well DH threw out my crown by accident, so I called the dentist Tuesday morning and told them. They said if you can get here by 10am we’ll see you to make a new crown. Of course with the appointment being so much earlier than dreaded I did’nt have time to get so anxious over it. Well I spent 2 hours in the dental chair getting a ROOT CANAL!!! But the good news was this was all done under Nitrous Oxide (I highly recommend it) and listening to LIME & Violet on my IPOD. The gas is great I actually dozed off, of course I had to control my laughing at Lime and Violet.


 Now to reading, I have started reading this series again in anticipation of the new book in July, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


 I’m on Book 2, D#1 is also reading them again, she’s on book 3

 Have a great day.

I’m Back

Finally seem to have got the computer situation under control, our old one is kaput, it got some sort of virus in it. So we got a new one, but I’m afraid you get use to your old one, so it is taking me a little extra time to find everything here. As well as the respiratory bug, I also got the GI bug, I was vomitting for about 3 days. I lost 15 lbs. I’ve wanted to lose some weight but not this way. I’m feeling 100% better, but my appetite is still not great. Good news though, my camera is working again, so here is my last package from the Rocking Sock Club.


and then this is my favorite, from Scouts Indie swag  

and here’s what was inside.


I just love the black and white, can’t wait to make a pair of socks.

Now to some reading, I was’nt able to knit alot when I was sick, but I did do some reading.

WHISPERS by Lisa Jackson     

                                                              Cover Image I enjoy her books, especially if I want a fast read with not alot of thought gong in to it. Again it is about murder and romance.

HARD TOUCH by Mariah Stewart

                                                                Cover Image   I did’nt really enjoy this book. Again it was a murder mystery, but it seemed to be extremely slow reading. I finished it, but I found it hard  to read. I read some others but I can’t find where I put them right now. Hopefully next week I’ll have some pictures of finished projects. Have a great day. 



Another Week Gone By

Where does the time go, its been 7 days since I last blogged and it only feels like yesterday. Still only 1 computer up and running, which means I have to get in line with everyone else in the house to use it. The good news is my computer is at the computer hospital being fixed right now. Now my camera is a different story, I think I’ll have to invest in a new one. It was’nt just  computer viruses that ran amok in our house, we also had human ones too. Everyone had the upper respiratory bug that was going, followed by the stomach bug, everyone is on the mend now, but of course I then got it. I’m on antibiotics and in bed at the moment, so now I have the time to blog. I’m in my kids bed as they are here to install the new carpet in our master bedroom.

Have’nt done alot of knitting this week, as I have been decorating (Halloween decorations that is). I go overboard with my decorations. But any time I try and tone it down my kids say ” but Mom its not the same without the decorations”. So there are tombstones, ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons out front, and inside the house has everything from the spooky village, dancing skeletons, plus a display of photographs of the kids every year in their halloween costumes. You know they say Halloween has it roots in Ireland, so I guess I’m just celebrating another Irish holiday, just showing the kids their heritage!!!!!!

I have done some reading, I’ve read 2 more of Maggie Sefton books.

                      Needled to Death (Knitting Mysteries)


                                        Cover Image

I really enjoy her books, they are a quick read. They involve knitting, local yarn shop, murder and mystery, what more could you ask for. Oh it even includes a knitting patern in every book. Well thats all for now have a great day.


Cloud Nine

I’m so happy I got one of the 6 month spots in Scouts Indie Swag club. OK a girl can never have too many knitted socks, I guess I can have too much wool to make them with. I wear my socks in work with my clogs all the time. Since we are all required to wear the same color scrubs, it is the nurses fashion statement or expression of individuality. You would be amazed at the socks we wear.

I have done some knitting  (click on picture to make it larger)

My first scarf for the Red Scarf Project 2007. The pattern I’m using is Men’s Cashmere Scarf from Last-Minute Knitted gifts. I also finished this scarf for a friend, she has been asking me to make her one of these for a while, she gave me the wool a month/ or two ago.  Sorry it’s not the best picture.

             Pattern:Knitpicks Potato Chip Scarf

              Wool: Angel #75 Plum

I’ve also done some reading:

Cloud Nine by Luanne Rice, this book came in a packet of 3 books. It was the other 2 books I wanted to read, I was’nt even going to read this one. Last night I could’nt sleep so I started reading this. I thought it might help me sleep, was I ever wrong. I could’nt put it down, I read the whole thing. The book is about family, illness, and love, but don’t let this mislead you into thinking it’s another sappy love story. It has a surprising turn of events in the middle of the story, I did’nt even see it coming. I can’t tell you any of the story as it would ruin it for you, I will tell you this “Have a box of Kleenex close by”. I’m not given to tears alot, but they were streaming down my cheeks for the last few chapters. It was a sight to see, Me crying with my reading light and tissues and DH snoring beside me. I really enjoyed this book. Have a great day.