Last Friday the kids were all out of school (inservice day). My daughters each had a friend over to play, but that was just not enough kids, so my friend came over with her 3 children and her daughter’s friend. We spent the day carving pumpkins.


There were also 4 teenage boys present, who are too cool for pictures.


Pretty Hat

This is one of the quickest hats I have ever made. It is crochet. I think she looks so cute but then I biased.

           Pattern: Snow Day Hat  From Through The Loops (I love this knitting blog)

                             Wool:  what ever left over yarn you have


It really takes about an hour to make, I have made about 4-5 already (many different colors), pictures soon.

For sizing I just use bigger or smaller crochet hooks. The flower on this one was a little big, so I have now made smaller flowers. Have a great day.

Balloons Aloft

My daughters school was one of the schools chosen to particpate in the early morning balloon aloft. So last Friday they had 2 balloons from the balloon fiesta come to the school at 7AM. My 2 daughters, D#1’s best friend and I dragged ourselves out of bed and went to see the balloons.

They had a blast. Hot chocolate, burritos, and coffee for me(a must at 7AM). They were able to go right up to the balloon baskets, and did’nt have to deal with the crowds.

In Love With Chocolate!!!

I believe D#2 enjoyed the candy bar!

Weekend Relaxation Not!!!


                          Three soccer games on Saturday

                        Visit to the library to stock up for nightly reading for all.

                      A little knitting in between soccer games.

Don’t forget food, laundry, and some one (teenager who will remain nameless) has to go shopping and get a haircut on Sunday. I’m not a TGIF type of girl, I am more of a Thank God It’s Monday they are all gone back to school and work, so I can now relax.

Happy Birthday


Happy 11th birthday to daughter #1. I can’t believe she is 11 already, it seems like only yesterday she was born.  I won tickets at my girls school for the Vanessa Hudgens Concert with Corbin Bleu from High School Musical, it just so happened the concert was on her birthday. She was sooo excited, this was her first concert, she had a blast. Here she is at the concert,


She is all sunburnt from her soccer game that day, (someone who will remain nameless forgot to make sure she had sunblock!!!!). One piece of advice if you ever bring your daughters to a concert, WEAR EARPLUGS!!!! or bring your ipod.

Summer Is Here!!

Yes, summer is here. My kids have been out of school for a week, right now they are all still in bed. We had our last soccer tournament last weekend, so that means scheduled activities are over for the summer. No more driving here and there, instead just relaxing, fun, swimming, playing and reading. My friend thinks I’m crazy for liking summer break, with the kids home, but I do. Not only do I have my kids, but there is usually some of their friends sleeping over every other night (we had 6 the other night).

I have another finished project. My daughters 4th grade teacher is expecting so I crochet a baby blanket. My Daughter picked the color and the pattern.

                  Pattern:Make One For Baby

It was really quick to make, usually I hate following crochet patterns but this one I managed to stick too. I’m making another blanket for a friend right now, and then I want to start this.


My girls had their singing recitals this week. D#2 had hers on Tuesday and D#1’s was last night. Even though they are both in the same elementary school, they were held on different nights. D#2 (7year old) who always wears jeans, shorts etc., insisted that she wanted to wear a white dress (The dress for the recital was white, black, or both colors). So needless to say at the chance of a photo op of her in a dress I bought her one. Oh and she looked so cute.

Now D#1 (10 year old)  decided that she too needed a dress since her sister got one.

Here is the best part of it, I bought the dresses on sale here. I thought I was paying $9.99 for them, but when I went to the checkout to pay for them, surprise, surprise, they were only $3.24 each. Can you believe it.

Knitted Cherie

I finally finished it, the photos are’nt that great. There is something wrong with my camera, time for a new one!!!

                                        Cheri Amour   from Knitty

I’ve also been knitting fingerless mittens with all my left over yarn, I’ll have pictures soon. We have had 3 weekends of soccer tournaments so I have had quick knitting projects with me.

Happy Birthday

I finally have some finished objects. First a pair of socks for my niece

I used a basic sock pattern, but then added a cable twist. The wool is a skein I won in a blog competition from JCHandmade.

The second finished object I had’nt even planned on making. My friend who just had a baby had knitted lots of squares for a baby blanket, she had sewn some of the squares together but then got frustrated with it. One day she brought a brown bag to work, and asked me try and do something with it. The bag contained wool,lots of knitted squares, some joined together with threads hanging everywhere. I nearly frogged the whole thing, but I gave it a try.

It came out really pretty.

Finally the “tween” is now a teenager. Let me tell you the terrible two’s is a piece of cake compared to tween and teenagers.

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