Pretty In Pink

I have been busy knitting hats and scarfs for the girls. Here are some of them, D#2 picked the colors, Pink and Orange!!! what can I say.


The hat is a pattern I found on Through The Loops blog, she has the most amazing patterns.

                                     Pattern: Snowy Day Hat

                                     Wool: Left over yarn??

The scarf is a pattern I have been wanting to do for a while.

                                   Pattern: My So Called Scarf

This hat and scarf were a very quick knit, I’m making more. I also made this hat.

                        Pattern: Inga Hat
I again used left over yarn, I also made it about 20 rows shorter than original.


I Thought It would Never Happen

I too got on the bandwagon for the Chevron scarf from Last Minute Gifts, I believe it was 2 years ago when I first started the scarf, I was so sure I would finish it very quickly. Well, talk about procrastinating, I just finished it, I have’nt even blocked it.

                                       101_0090 by you.

 It has been so long since I started it, that I can’t remember the yarn I used. It is more of a burgundy, wine color that what the picture shows.

Also made these this weekend for the girls with leftover sock yarn.



They are pocket tissue socks. My girls love them for their backpacks for school.

Pretty Hat

This is one of the quickest hats I have ever made. It is crochet. I think she looks so cute but then I biased.

           Pattern: Snow Day Hat  From Through The Loops (I love this knitting blog)

                             Wool:  what ever left over yarn you have


It really takes about an hour to make, I have made about 4-5 already (many different colors), pictures soon.

For sizing I just use bigger or smaller crochet hooks. The flower on this one was a little big, so I have now made smaller flowers. Have a great day.

Weekend Relaxation Not!!!


                          Three soccer games on Saturday

                        Visit to the library to stock up for nightly reading for all.

                      A little knitting in between soccer games.

Don’t forget food, laundry, and some one (teenager who will remain nameless) has to go shopping and get a haircut on Sunday. I’m not a TGIF type of girl, I am more of a Thank God It’s Monday they are all gone back to school and work, so I can now relax.

Count Your Blessings

I just finished 2 blankets, one for a new baby and one for her 4 year old big brother. It is a joyful and sad time for this family. The 4 year old was diagnosed with cancer when he was 1, he had to have his leg amputated and received chemotherapy. After finding out she was pregnant they also found out that the little boy’s cancer was back. My friend has spent her whole pregnancy working, going to tests, chemotherapy and hospital stays with her little boy. She just had a healthy baby girl a week ago, and with reagrds to her little boy, they just have to wait and see what happens. The future may include more surgery, radiation etc., but they were able to keep the umbilical cord from the baby in case of the need of transplant. The little boy’s cancer is a very aggressive form, so it maybe many months before they know the outcome. It makes you want to hug your kids every day, and realise how fortunate we are. I made this one for her daughter



 and this one for her brother


I really don’t have a pattern for them, they started off as patterns from a baby afghan book and then I did my own thing. They are both machine washable wool, I think they were Vanna White’s wool. I needed a type of yarn that was easy to take care of. The yarn is soooo soft.

Bag Lady

So this is my new addiction. I have made 4 already, but none for me. As soon as my teenage nieces saw what I was making they wanted one. Now my girls want one each. They are so quick to make. I think I’m also going to make some of these for teacher’s christmas presents.

                                  Pattern: Elisa’s Nest Tote from Purlbee

                                     Wool: Peaches & Cream



Summer Is Here!!

Yes, summer is here. My kids have been out of school for a week, right now they are all still in bed. We had our last soccer tournament last weekend, so that means scheduled activities are over for the summer. No more driving here and there, instead just relaxing, fun, swimming, playing and reading. My friend thinks I’m crazy for liking summer break, with the kids home, but I do. Not only do I have my kids, but there is usually some of their friends sleeping over every other night (we had 6 the other night).

I have another finished project. My daughters 4th grade teacher is expecting so I crochet a baby blanket. My Daughter picked the color and the pattern.

                  Pattern:Make One For Baby

It was really quick to make, usually I hate following crochet patterns but this one I managed to stick too. I’m making another blanket for a friend right now, and then I want to start this.

Kizkalesi Scarf


Another finished project. I love this scarf. It was a very quick and easy knit.

                     Pattern: Old Shale Scarf from Tiennie Knits

                     Wool:    Kizkalesi from Scouts Swag

Cable Comfort

I have actually been knitting. I have quite a few small projects on the needles, but I have’nt taken many pictures. My camera is on the blink, I dropped it, and now my pics are either too dark or have too much of a glare. I’m looking for a new camera, any suggestions??? Keep in mind it has to be simple to use.

Here are some pictures of some finished work, I love these two items.




The fingerless gloves are such a quick and easy knit

                      Pattern Evangeline Fingerless Mitts from Magknits

Since MagKnits is no longer on line, if you want to see some really beautiful pictures of these mitts go here, she does the most beautiful knitting I have seen. I love her blog.

 The neck warmer I love, I can’t wait to wear it this winter

                                   Pattern: Tudora from Knitty winter 2007

My computer is so slow today, it has taken me 3-4 attempts to post this


Knitted Cherie

I finally finished it, the photos are’nt that great. There is something wrong with my camera, time for a new one!!!

                                        Cheri Amour   from Knitty

I’ve also been knitting fingerless mittens with all my left over yarn, I’ll have pictures soon. We have had 3 weekends of soccer tournaments so I have had quick knitting projects with me.

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