I Thought It would Never Happen

I too got on the bandwagon for the Chevron scarf from Last Minute Gifts, I believe it was 2 years ago when I first started the scarf, I was so sure I would finish it very quickly. Well, talk about procrastinating, I just finished it, I have’nt even blocked it.

                                       101_0090 by you.

 It has been so long since I started it, that I can’t remember the yarn I used. It is more of a burgundy, wine color that what the picture shows.

Also made these this weekend for the girls with leftover sock yarn.



They are pocket tissue socks. My girls love them for their backpacks for school.



Last Friday the kids were all out of school (inservice day). My daughters each had a friend over to play, but that was just not enough kids, so my friend came over with her 3 children and her daughter’s friend. We spent the day carving pumpkins.


There were also 4 teenage boys present, who are too cool for pictures.

Pretty Hat

This is one of the quickest hats I have ever made. It is crochet. I think she looks so cute but then I biased.

           Pattern: Snow Day Hat  From Through The Loops (I love this knitting blog)

                             Wool:  what ever left over yarn you have


It really takes about an hour to make, I have made about 4-5 already (many different colors), pictures soon.

For sizing I just use bigger or smaller crochet hooks. The flower on this one was a little big, so I have now made smaller flowers. Have a great day.

Balloons Aloft

My daughters school was one of the schools chosen to particpate in the early morning balloon aloft. So last Friday they had 2 balloons from the balloon fiesta come to the school at 7AM. My 2 daughters, D#1’s best friend and I dragged ourselves out of bed and went to see the balloons.

They had a blast. Hot chocolate, burritos, and coffee for me(a must at 7AM). They were able to go right up to the balloon baskets, and did’nt have to deal with the crowds.

In Love With Chocolate!!!

I believe D#2 enjoyed the candy bar!