Las Vegas

I’m off to Vegas this weekend with my 13 year old son for a soccer tournament. We are going to be staying here. When I first immigrated from Ireland with son#1 (he was 7 at the time, now he’s 26), I┬ámoved to Las Vegas. I know what a change!!!! But I have very good memories from Vegas. It is where I met my husband, where I went to nursing school. I lived there for 5 years, until we moved here. It will be interesting to go back there, son#2 wants to see where we lived, worked etc. So wish us luck in the tournament.


Happy St. Patricks Day

Scary Experience

I have’nt blogged or read blogs in a little while, as we had a scary experience in our house last week. My husband had a heart attack on Wednesday, he was in the cardiac intensive care unit for a couple of days. (This is the same unit I work in). It happened while he was at work, so they got him to the hospital very quickly. He was in the ER for 6 hours before they were able to get a hold of me (my cell phone had died). He is home now, doing great, and it seems he has no damage to his heart muscle. They put 2 stents in his right coronary artery, it was a 100% closed. It was a scary and emotional time for me, I work in the unit so I know the worst that can happen, and then trying to be strong for the kids so that they would’nt be scared. So keep us in your thoughts.