Knitted Cherie

I finally finished it, the photos are’nt that great. There is something wrong with my camera, time for a new one!!!

                                        Cheri Amour   from Knitty

I’ve also been knitting fingerless mittens with all my left over yarn, I’ll have pictures soon. We have had 3 weekends of soccer tournaments so I have had quick knitting projects with me.


Two In A Row

This is my second post with an actual finished project!!! Again I saw this here , it must be the Irish heritage in both of us. I fell in love with this the minute I saw it on her blog, I went that day and bought the wool and needles. My pictures are’nt very good.


 PATTERN: Aran Accent Vest from Patons

   WOOL:      Classic Merino Bright Red

I really had to concentrate when doing this pattern, but I love it and it is so warm. I’m thinking of making the Cabled Yoke Pullover from the same pattern book next.