This and That

I’m getting back into a routine now that the kids are back in school. Soccer season has started with a bang, all 3 kids are playing. Practices are Tues/ Wed/Thurs, so I have snacks, knitting and books in the car with me  at all times. With regards to knitting, I have 2 pairs of socks on the needles. Also I have cast on for both of these:

  Cherie Amour from Knitty Fall 07. I’m doing mine in  denim Blue. Second one is also from Knitty Fall 07, it is Mr Greenjeans now I really was’nt too fond of the color in the pattern, but I really liked the cable. I’m using a Heather Gray color. I’m very ambitious, although I think its more like ADD, I get bored with the same project easily, but these two sweaters might be pushing it as I have’nt made a sweater in about 20 years. Hopefully I will have pics soon.   

Smokie and Sabrina are settling in, so far they have not gotten in to my wool supply.


Sabrina & Smoky

This is the reason I have’nt had a chance to blog lately. I just adopted these.


Sabrina and Smoky, are 12 week old kittens. OK, I know, 4 kids, dog, 2 frogs and now 2 kittens, I must be crazy. Well, it was only meant to be one kitten, but I’m a softie. They are brother and sister and I just could’nt separate them. They actually keep each other amused instead of tearing up the house. They are also much easier to toilet train than a puppy or kids. Smoky is a boy, the grey one, and D#2 has claimed him. Sabrina is a girl, D#1 has claimed her. Here are some more pictures.