Red River

We have had above normal temperatures here lately, so last weekend we decided we had  to get away. Friday we took off, kids in tow, and went and stayed in a cabin for the weekend in Red River, NM. The cabin was right on the river, the temperature was so much cooler. Of course I left my camera at home, but I did get started on 2  pairs of socks. It just felt good to relax, especially since we now start soccer, with 3 kids playing we are going to be busy for the next few weeks.


I’m Exhausted

So my kids started back to school last Tuesday, and instead of being completely rested I’m exhausted. It is all due to the school bus!!!

Out of the 4 mornings this week the bus has not stopped at my son’s bus stop to pick him up, it has’nt even drove past his stop. So then I have had to drive him and the girls to school, and of course the girls are in the back of the car crying because they want to go on the bus. Then on Wednesday, the girls get out an hour earlier than the rest of the week, and the bus showed up 30mins late to bring them home. Hopefully by next week it will all be on schedule. So instead of getting anything done this week, I have been camped out at bus stops. Here are the girls on their first day of school.



 Of course my son will not let me take a photo of him, he’s 12, and that is just not cool!!!!

Although I did manage to get his hair cut short without a fight. I just rubbed his head and said “I like your hair long, you look so cute!!!” The next morning he asked to go to the hairdressers, I could’nt get him in the car fast enough, and he cut it short. Works every time, tell the TWEEN’s you like it or they are cute, and they will do the opposite.

Not One, Not Two But Three!!!!!

I have been such a bad blogger lately, it is just too nice outside. Also can you believe it but my kids go back to school next Tuesday!!!, so we have been busy shopping for school supplies. Where did the summer go, it seems like they just started summer vacation.

Thank you for all the comments on summer vacation, there is something wrong with my email, so I have’nt been able to respond.

 OK so I finally have some finished projects, all of them socks. They were all finished when we were driving on vacation. I don’t like driving on the freeways, actually I don’t drive on the freeways at all. Knitting helps me not to even look at the road.

                                           Marina Piccola

         Pattern: Marina Piccola by Kate Gilbert

          Wool:     Marina Piccola from Scouts Indie Swag club

                                     Dunes Of Tinfou Socks

                          Pattern: Dunes Of Tinfou Socks by Dipsy Doodle

                          Wool:      Pink Granite from Blue Moon Fibers

                                              Central Air

           Pattern: Central Air by Tanya Bachman

           Wool :    Fairgrounds by Blue Moon Fibers

                             Rocking Sock Club 2006

I made them all for me as I’m a sock addict. Have a great day.