This is the reason I’m doing less knitting than I had planned. I’m not sure what I did, I think I strained or pulled something in my wrist when I was lifting crates of water out of the car. I can move it, but it Makes a “clicking” sound (does’nt sound good!!!) when I turn it. I’ve had this brace on for a week. I guess I should really go to a doctor and get it checked (duh!!). Nurses are the worst about going to the doctor. It’s my right hand too. But on to fun stuff, we are still having a great summer. Here are the girls at a baseball game.

I think they enjoyed the food more than the game. They had a firework display after the game. Yesterday we had a water play day with 10 kids in the backyard, it included water guns and surprisingly there were no tears. Here is D#2 helping and carrying a friend


I have been reading alot this summer. I finally broke down and bought the following 2 books, they have been on hold in the library for weeks.



I enjoyed them both, but if I had to choose I think I would pick Friday night knitting. It has a surprising ending. Both of these are quick reads.

Have a great day.


Lazy Days


So its 2 weeks into summer vacation and I am still enjoying it. So far kids are not fighting with each other, we have had many sleepovers, some nights I have a total of six kids in the house. We are just spending our time having fun, and no schedule. We have been swimming everyday as1019.gif

We also go to our local library every week for their Summer Reading Program. It is amazing how little trinkets that they receive there for every hour of reading encourages them to read more. I too have been reading alot.

                                             as3668tn.gif Here are some of the books I have been reading. They are all quick reads, which is what I need when I take them swimming.

10766996.gif  11119817.gif  8066401.gif 10202545.gif 8986201.gif

As for knitting, I’m still working on the same 2 projects. I knit a few rows of each most days, but it is slow going. I am determined to finish them before I start anything else.


As I said it is lazy days, so not alot is getting done, but everyone is having fun. Have a great day.


This first week of summer vacation has been so relaxing ( I know, enjoy it now as it probably won’t last). We’ve gone swimming everyday, yesterday we went to see Shrek 3, there were only 5 other people there. It is so great not to have a time table, just do things when you feel like it. S#2’s soccer team won first place at a tournament last weekend, it was a happy and a sad time. Happy because they won, but sad as the coach is not going to coach anymore and the team will be splitting up. It has been a great team with great parents, they have been on this competitive team for 3 years. The nice thing about it is that there were no over the top parents!!!! just parents who wanted their boys to have fun and enjoy the experience. So S#2 went to try outs this week, he made another team and the great thing is, that 5 players on his old team made the same team, so they’ll be together again next year.

Now to knitting, not alot finished. I think it will probably take me all summer just to finish these 2 projects.

First,  I have completed 1 sock from the Marina Piccola wool and pattern. The wool is from Scouts Indie Swag.      The pattern is from Kate Gilbert. I love how the pattern looks, but it takes alot of concentration, for some reason I have’nt been able to memorise the pattern ( I think my brain cells are starting to get old.)

The second project I’m working on is Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

I’m using 2 wools from Socks That Rock 2006Blue Moon Fiber Arts

         Rare Gem   and Mustang Sally      

 This is such an easy knit. I carry it around in this. I just do a row or two whenever I get a chance.

Thats it for now, during the summer I’m not sure how frequently I will post, but I do read everyone’s blogs everyday. Have a great day.