Another Year Older and Wiser!!!!


So I turned 44 yesterday. Now I don’t feel 44, except for my hips and knees!!! Since I turned the big 40, I decided to stop hiding my age and to celebrate another year of maturity and wisdom !!!! yeah right!!! But I really have been enjoying my 40’s, I feel good, happy and satisfied. What more can you ask for.

This weekend D#2 went horseback riding with her Girl Scouts. It was her first time, she loved it.

 I love this mosaic you can make on fd’s flickr toys

They got to ride the horses and groom them.  Have a great day. 


My New Passion

Now that all my kids are in school, and I have this free time during the day. I really can’t spend all of it knitting!! or can I???  I have discovered I love to do something I thought I would always hate. COOKING. I don’t really have any cook books so I’ve been checking out recipes on the internet. The other day I was in a store and look what I bought.

They were all on sale $4.99, I could have bought alot more, but I stopped myself. I have cooked over the years, but it was a disorganized mess. Alot of times my family preferred to eat out than have me cook. But now I get “Whats for dinner”, nobody wants to order out, and DH has put on 20lbs (I on the other hand have lost 25lbs, all this eating healthy meals rather than take out). For the first time in my life I love cooking. I also bought this in the same store.

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But I paid alot less (less than $20.00), I have been making Smoothees everyday.

Marina Piccola

I just realised I had’nt posted my last package from Scouts Indie Swag, it was the final package from Round 1

                         It also included a pattern from Kate Gilbert

The yarn and the pattern are both called Marina Piccola.

I just started working on it


Have a great day.

Mad Hatter

Sometimes I feel like the Mad Hatter, not enough time in the day. Between sick kids, meetings, and work, it has been a busy couple of weeks. But this weekend, I did nothing but relax. I did finish these.



                     Pattern: Zephyr Socks from Domesticat

                     Wool:    Peaseblossom from Blue Moon Fibers

 I used a larger size needle (size 3) as they would’nt fit over my foot, and I made the leg shorter.

My kids had a great time on their Easter Egg Hunt in our back yard, even the dog joined in, ( she did’nt get to eat any of the chocolate). Of course I had planned my timing perfectly, as when the sugar high hit!!!  I was at work. Poor hubby had to try and get sugar loaded kids to bed that night.