Cozy Feet

I finished them, and they are the most comfortable slipper I have ever worn.


            Click to enlarge


            Pattern: Fiber Trends Felt Clogs

            Wool: Freedom 408

                       Freedom 405

The on ly variation I made on the pattern is I used only one strand of wool beacause this wool is so thick. I put the clogs on wet to shape them to my feet and then I stuffed them.

 My girls want some now, so I better get busy.


Spring Break

Yesterday was the start of spring break, and we had all these plans to go to the zoo, Explora etc., but sometimes things happen to make you stay at home and enjoy your time there. Last weekD#2 had Fifth’s Disease, I had never heard of it until now. Then Sunday I had to bring her to the After Hours Pediactric office where they found she had an ear infection. So yesterday everyone got to choose 2 books each to read over Spring break, and a movie. We spent the day on the sofa with blankets, reading, watching a movie and eating popcorn. Now they want to know ” can we do this again, it was fun”. Today everyone has their own flower pot and seeds, so we are going to make our own little gardens. So now my plans for spring break are to find fun things to do at home.

Now to knitting, I made these yesterday while watching a movie with the kids

                        Dashing from

 I actually found them easier to knit than Fetching

I also finished  The French Market Bag


I love it, and it carries alot of knitting.

I’m In, I’m in!!!

Originally my reward for doing the 100 miles in Runagogo was going to be this, but I changed my mind and I signed up for Scouts Indie Club, Round 2. I just heard yesterday that I got one of the spots, I better get busy knitting socks or I can just spend all my time looking at it and touching it. I’ve also decided to go for another 100 miles by July 1st, Runagogo has been a great motivator for me.

What’s On The Needles, as usual I have a few different projects going at the same time, it’s that ADD. I did finish these


Click on pictures for larger image. These were for my 25 year old son, he wears a size 13!!!. He loves them, wears them all day when he’s home. So I decided to start a pair for me

                      I’ve finished the first one and started the second, I just have to felt them.

I also finally got my sock mojo back, just in time for the second round I just joined


The pattern is Zephyr Socks from Domesticat, and I’m using Peaseblossom from Blue Moon Fibers

Finally I could’nt resist the afghan Ripple craze, I have’nt joined, but I have been working on an Afghan for my 25 year old son for forever, but never seemed to like the pattern I had chosen. After seeing these I frogged it, and restarted it in the ripple wave. This is the very first few rows of it, he chose the colors. I don’t know how long it will take as he is 6 ft 2 and he wants it to completely cover his bed. It 300 chain in width !!!

Well that’s all for now, have a great day.


Erin go Bragh


Mostly B’s

Gosh it has been crazy the last few weeks, meetings, work, and now soccer has started again. What with 3 kids playing soccer, with all different practice and game times, and then trying to keep track of 3 different size soccer balls, cleats and shin pads, no wonder I have ADD. But all these practices and games lets me get lots of knitting done. First the Baby blanket is just about done, I just have to wash it, and then put ribbon in it.


Click on picture to see larger image.

Pattern is from Best Of Terry Kimbrough Baby Afghans,

I’m making Heartwarming Wrap.

Next are these

Fiber Trends Felt Clogs

 I’m making them for my 25 year old son, as for slippers he is wearing the inserts to his snow boots!!!! Don’t even ask why (only he knows)

Lastly is this

It is for me, it is the French Market Bag.

That’s all for now, have a great day.

Huggable Hedgehogs

I just finished these.

I had to make 2 of them as both my girls wanted one.

Are’nt they cute, they were much easier to make than I thought.

I used some left over 100% wool, and fun fur.

         Pattern: Huggable Hedgehogs by Debbie Radtke from Fiber Trends