The Tooth Fairy Is Broke


I don’t know what is happenening to our teeth. D#1 ‘s tooth fell out Sunday morning, S#2’s tooth fell out at lunch time, and then my crown fell off. So besides the tooth fairy being broke, I now have to go to the dentist. The Dentist is my biggest fear in life, I even get gas for the cleaning. I had a bad experience when I was a child and ever since then I have been terrified of going. Now I have’nt put this fear on my kids, they love going to the dentist. So as soon as I finish this post I’m going to call the Dentist!!!!!!

Thank you all for your kind comments concerning my friend, it really meant alot to me. Well besides losing teeth this weekend, we spent Sat and Sun at S#2’s Soccer tournament. The good news is the only thing we lost were teeth, they won first place. So we were all very excited. Knitting was done, on the drive to amd from the games. It helps keep my eyes of the road as I don’t like driving on the freeway. Don’t worry I was’nt driving and knitting at the same time, my husband drove. I need to get batteries for my camera and then I’ll post some pictures. Have a great day.


1 Comment

  1. Chris said,

    February 19, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    I hope your dentist visit is quick and painless!!

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