Punk Pink

Look what the mail man brought

It is from Scouts Indie Swag, now pink is usually not a favorite color of mine, but I just love this . The pink and grey is stunning together.

(Sorry, my pics are kind of blurry today, I think I see a childs fingerprint on my lens)

Also I just love the Go Knit Pouch from Knowknits,

It is perfect for holding my socks at soccer practice.


The Dreaded Dentist

Last time I posted, I mentioned I had lost a crown. and my fear of dentists. So I made an appointment for the dentist on Tuesday afternoon, and they told me just bring your CROWN and we’ll put it back on. No Problem!!! Well DH threw out my crown by accident, so I called the dentist Tuesday morning and told them. They said if you can get here by 10am we’ll see you to make a new crown. Of course with the appointment being so much earlier than dreaded I did’nt have time to get so anxious over it. Well I spent 2 hours in the dental chair getting a ROOT CANAL!!! But the good news was this was all done under Nitrous Oxide (I highly recommend it) and listening to LIME & Violet on my IPOD. The gas is great I actually dozed off, of course I had to control my laughing at Lime and Violet.


 Now to reading, I have started reading this series again in anticipation of the new book in July, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


 I’m on Book 2, D#1 is also reading them again, she’s on book 3

 Have a great day.

The Tooth Fairy Is Broke


I don’t know what is happenening to our teeth. D#1 ‘s tooth fell out Sunday morning, S#2’s tooth fell out at lunch time, and then my crown fell off. So besides the tooth fairy being broke, I now have to go to the dentist. The Dentist is my biggest fear in life, I even get gas for the cleaning. I had a bad experience when I was a child and ever since then I have been terrified of going. Now I have’nt put this fear on my kids, they love going to the dentist. So as soon as I finish this post I’m going to call the Dentist!!!!!!

Thank you all for your kind comments concerning my friend, it really meant alot to me. Well besides losing teeth this weekend, we spent Sat and Sun at S#2’s Soccer tournament. The good news is the only thing we lost were teeth, they won first place. So we were all very excited. Knitting was done, on the drive to amd from the games. It helps keep my eyes of the road as I don’t like driving on the freeway. Don’t worry I was’nt driving and knitting at the same time, my husband drove. I need to get batteries for my camera and then I’ll post some pictures. Have a great day.

It’s the Little Things

We again had snow yesterday, and of course I had to work on Tuesday night. But I had planned it so I did’nt have to drive in the snow, I carpooled with my co worker. On the way home (On Valentines Day) my best friend called me, she had just been for an ultrasound to check on how her pregnancy was going, and they discovered that the baby’s heart rate was only 60 and that it had stopped growing. She has an appointment on Monday for another ultrasound, followed by the procedure. As you can imagine she is devastated, and all I can give her is words of comfort, support and to be there for her. Because in this situation it is only she who truely understands what she is going through. So the rest of the drive home was very quiet, I just thought this is her memory of Valentines Day, but I also hope she has the memory of family and friends to support her and being there for her. I thought Valentines Day (like other holidays) is so commercialised and over inflated, and do I want my children thinking only of how many cards they get etc. I arrived home my girls in their pj’s(as school was cancelled) came running out and gave me a big hug and a kiss, my son said Hi and smiled (this is equal to a kiss and hug at his age). Dh came home from work early (as his job was closed too) and told me go to bed and I’ll watch the kids. When I got up he had coffee ready for me. It is these little things that show love, not the big cards, candy and flowers (Yes I did wake up to the most beautiful roses), but I just realised its all those little things, like my husband starting my car up in the morning so it is warm when I get in it, scraping the ice of my windows, coffee ready when I wake up, my kids handmade cards, the smiles on their faces when I come home. It is these little things that make me feel appreciated and loved, and I hope that my children are learning that it is all about the little things, about giving not receiving. It is like the snow outside my window, simple, pure and beautiful.

This and That

I am so burnt out on meetings, I’ve gone to so many meetings this week it is crazy. But we are done now for a while, so I’m back to my normal schedule this week. On top of this my son broke his pinky finger on his right hand. After his basketball game he fell over the ball!!! and hurt his finger, being the true and compassionate nurse that I am, I told him “Oh, its fine, it’ll be better tomorrow” Well the next day it was swollen to twice the size, so off we went(guilt ridden Mom) to the ER. Sure enough it was broken. Now imagine being in the ER for a couple of hours with a 12 year old extremely active boy, he was trying to do wheelies in the wheelchair while waiting for his xray. The doctor gave him a note for no basketball for a week, he tried to get the doctor to write “no school for a week, but it was OK to play basketball”. Needless to say he did’nt go for it.  On the way home all he kept saying to me was ” see Mom I told you there was something wrong with my finger”. Did I feel bad!!!

I have started 2 projects, the first one looks like an alien but it will look so cute when its finished.     I’ve had this pattern for a while, and finally started it. Hopefully by next week I’ll be able to show you the finished project. The second project is for my daughters teacher, she’s expecting a baby. So i’m crocheting a blanket.

I’m still doing the Runagogo, 

I’m walking 10 miles a week, so my total is 44.8miles, 55.2 miles to go by April 1st. I think I have decided on my reward. I am going to knit this sweater (long sleeved version)


Finally I had been walking to different music I had downloaded,  but then I finally downloaded Lime & Violet podcasts.

I can’t belive I had’nt listened to  them before, they are so funny. I get strange looks as I’m power walking and laughing at the same time.  Wow this was long, have a great day.

Finally Finished Objects

I wanted to make something out of the first wool I ever bought from SCOUT.

It is called Million Dollar Baby, I was going to make socks but then I decided to make this

 and this

and this                . Click on pics to see larger ones. This is like the never ending ball of wool, I still have some left over. The patterns are:

  Headband In Alaska by Drops Design

  Fetchings by Knitty.com

  Dream Swatch by Wendy Bernard

Then I made these for a friend

I used left over yarn, again it is the Fetching Mittens although I think I’ve had enough of them so I’ll have  to find another pattern.

The scarf is Funky Scarf by Scout

Have a great day.

Sewing 101

I have’nt sewed since I got asked to leave the Home Econ class in high school (that’s a story for another day). My Mom was a great seamstress, but not me. Although give me a glue gun and I can do wonders. For Christmas my 2 daughters and I were given a small!!! sewing machine, I thought this will be fun, all the girls bonding (I had forgotten what a dangerous piece of equipment a sewing machine can be). Anyway D#2’s puppet theater had seen its last legs, it was time for a new one. I had seen one at D#1’s girl scouts, so I asked where did you buy it. Her reply “I just made it out of left over scraps, no pattern involved” So off I went, got me some scraps (had to buy them), 2 shower curtain rods, and thought “No Pattern” I can do this. OK so it took me a couple of hours to figure out how to thread the needle on the machine, and then a couple more hours to realise you had to thread the bottom thing too. But here it is my daughters puppet theater, and my first sewing project in years.

My daughter loves it, she has been putting on a puppet show for us at night. I had some left over material from it, so I decided to try and make her a bag to hold her puppets in.


Now I need to actually get a pattern to try and make something else. These were pretty easy, I’m sure if you look real close there are mistakes, but D#2 thinks it is the best thing I ever made for her, and I guess that’s what really matters. Have a great day.

Heart Awareness Month

                        two hearts

February is National Heart Awareness Month. It especially highlights Heart Disease in Women. Feb 2nd (Friday) is the National Go Red For Women Day. So lets all wear red on Friday. I work as an RN in a Cardiac Critical Care unit, as a nurse I have always worked with heart patients including heart disease, heart transplants etc. Both my father and father-in-law died of heart attacks, and my mother-in-law had one recently. My youngest daughter had open heart surgery at 9 months to repair a hole in her heart, so as you can see heart disease touches my life both personally and professionally. Our cardiac care unit staff will be wearing red all month, so lets all wear RED on Friday to support Awareness of Heart Disease in Women. Go take care of your HEART.