So it has been a while since I posted, it seems like I’ve had meetings in work everyday. I normally work 2 graveyard shifts 7pm-7am, so going in during the day really messes me up. I’ve also just changed my schedule, I have worked Fri and Sat night for the last 10-12 years while my kids were young and at home. Last week I changed to Tues and Fri night, as I can sleep when they are in school on Wednesday and I get most of the weekend to be off with my family. So far I’m really liking this new schedule. Now to the WIP’s!!!!!

I believe I am working on 5 different projects (I get bored easily), I do one at girl scouts, 1 at gymnastics, and 1 at basketball games. I should be finished them in the next day or two.

Also received this in the mail the other day

It’s the latest package from Scouts Indie Swag.
I really need to get busy and start making socks again. Maybe on Sunday while watching Superbowl I’ll cast on for a pair and see how far I get. Have a great day.


Fun Packages

I have’nt had a chance to show these yet, but here are 2 great packages I received in December. First is Scout’s Indie Swag Club

The colors in the wool are unbelievable, it’s called Glampyre, then there is a pattern from Glampyre Knits, and 2 cute snowmen stitch markers from GoodToBeGirl.

 My second package was a Christmas present from a friend, it is a knitting calender that includes a pattern for everyday of the year.

Now somehow or other I don’t think this particular pattern will be the first one I make from it.


 Have a great day.

Healthy Changes


 I’m still doing the Runagogo, walked 2.2 miles each day for 4 days. So far I have done 14.8 miles, which leaves 85.2 miles by April 1st.


I have worn glasses for 15 years for driving and watching TV, yesterday for the first time I decided to try Contact lens.  I had no problem getting them in, and they were great to wear, the big problem was I had extreme difficulty getting them out. It took me nearly an hour to get them out. It’s amazing how many times your eye blinks as you stick your finger in it, I also did’nt have to use any eyemakeup remover as I had so much water coming out of my eyes, all my makeup was washed away. I’m sure it will get easier!!!!

Winter Break Is Over!!

All the kids went back to school yesterday, we had an extended winter break due to the snow. We are meant to have more snow this weekend. Normally our snow is gone in less than 12 hours, but because it is colder than normal we still have alot of snow on the ground. It has been a busy week. Son #2 turned 12 on Saturday Jan 6th. I now have a “TWEEN” in the house, although Sat night I had 8 tweens sleep over for his birthday (they were alot quieter than when I had the 9 year old girls sleep over). It is amazing how quickly our kids grow, you blink and they are all grown up. So because of how quickly time goes by, and how often we look to the future and not live in the moment, I decided my New Years Resolution is to “Live in the moment, enjoy what I have now, spend the time with the people I care about and stop worrying about tomorrow”

Now I have actually done some knitting


I think I am addicted to the Fetching gloves. Here’s a close up of the gloves.

  Fingerless Mittens: Pattern Fetching from Knitty.com

         Scarf:                  Pattern: Potato Chip Scarf from Knitpicks,com

                                     Wool: Caron Simply Soft, Color Sutumn Red

 I made this set for me, they are so warm, I think I’m going to make more.

I also made a pair for D#1, but I adjusted the pattern. She picked the colors out of left over yarn I had. She even wears them in bed.

 I used the Fetching pattern but adjusted it to fit. I only cast on 36 stitches, then I did 2 x2 rib instead of cable, and I used size 2 needles.

Finally I’m still doing the Runagogo, 

I walked 6 miles last week (94 miles to go). Got to keep myself motivated, so I treated myself to this  Sorry the picture is blurry. Of course I had to get the TWEEN to help me download songs to it. So today I walked 2.2 miles, only 91.8 miles to go. Have a great day.

Happy New Year

Happy  New Year to everyone. One of my resolutions is to get into shape, I use to run most days but I have’nt done anything in a while, so I needed something to give me a kick start. As I was reading blogs yesterday, look what I found on Scouts.


Now I won’t be running, as my knee can’t handle it anymore, so I’ll be walking. Started my first 2 miles yesterday.

Want to see more snow. We had the worst snow storm since 1950’s.


DH, myself and D#2 went for a 2 mile walk in it. It was beautiful to see especially if you could stay at home. But of course I had to work Fri, Sat, Sun, and Monday night. The hospital I work in went on a Code Grey (which is an emergency alert level for bad weather), we had to be prepared to stay 24 hrs in case the oncoming staff could’nt make it. They provided us with beds, food, and scrubs, and we brought our overnight bags with us for each shift we worked. Fortunately I did’nt have to stay the night, staff all got to work, our CEO went and drove people who could.nt get their cars out. Staff carpooled 2 and 3 co workers. Each shift tried to come in an hour earlier so the previous shift could get out early. It was amazing to see such teamwork and caring between co-workers, it makes you realise why you work where you do. Now there is more snow forecast for this weekend, and I’m working again!!! I don’t drive in the snow at all, so lucky enough S#1 works in the same hospital as I do on the same nights. He drives with me sitting in the back, knitting, so I can’t watch his driving. Due to the snow, the rest of the kids were meant to go back to school yesterday, but now its not until Monday!!!! Have a great day.