Packages and F.O.

I finished another present. More of the addicting Ballband dishcloth from The Mason Dixon Knitting Book.

Also I received my last package from the Rockin Sock Club, if you have’nt received it yet, then don’t click on the picture.

                      I’m going to have to get busy knitting socks after Christmas to use up some of my sock stash, but can you ever have too much wool for socks!!! Finally we still have snow, my 6 year old has never seen this much snow. I could’nt get her inside yesterday, she spent hours running around in it. Here’s another mosaic of them in the snow.


Click on it to see the pictures. Have a great day.


Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!!

This is what I woke up to today, it really did snow. It came down heavy yesterday. S#2 still had school, DH got out of work early and picked him up, but it took him 2 hours to get home. They have closed most of the free ways in town. The kids were so excited yesterday, and had so much fun in the snow. Usually our snow is gone in one day, so they are going to be surprised when they get up and see that it is still snowing.

Click on the above Mosaic to see. So since I had the fire lit yesterday. I did do some knitting. This is a present for my friend

                     Scarf:   Pattern:  Double Cable Scarf fron One Skein by Leigh Radford

                                  Wool:        Caron Simply Soft, Color Rasberry

       Fingerless Mittens:  Pattern: Fetching from

                                           Wool: Carons Simply Soft, Color Rasberry

This set was so easy to make, I used 2 skeins. Off to enjoy the snow. Have a great day.

First one wins

DH chose the first picture, even though I actually liked the 2nd one better. I really like S#2’s evil smirk ( I mean smile) as he is choking (hugging) his sister. I ran down to Wallyworld to make a quick card out of the picture. Its a little blurry as I took a picture of a picture.

It is freezing here, they have forecast a winter storm. The winds were up to 65mph last night, my outside decorations were still in place this morning when I got up except for a few candy canes flying around. No snow yet, its meant to come today. I don’t think we’ll get any as it is too cold.  D#1 and D#2 are on winter break, so they can’t wait for the snow, S#2 is still in school until Wednesday, he was so disappointed when there was no snow this morning as he wanted school cancelled. He has a test today, that was his motivation for cancelling school, not to play in the snow. I’m off to light a fire, have a great day.

Decisions, Decisions!!!

This year I forgot to get Christmas pictures, so last night my 3 youngest volunteered!!! to pose for a quick picture. Oldest son was having nothing to do with it. So now do I choose the posing one

or the true to life one, with S#2 trying to choke D#1

Decisions, decisions. Have a great day.

Finished At Last

So I finally finished my other daughter’s teachers gift. Talk about leaving it to the last minute, I finished them last night, and today is their last day of school. Here is the second set of bath mitts, they are done in Southwest colors.


       Pattern: Inspired by Pens & Needles, adjusted by Dipsy

         Wool: Sugar & Cream

Here is the other set I made earlier.

Still have a couple more UFO’s to complete. Have a great day.

Christmas Tree

I usualy have all my decorating done by now, but this year I’ve only just started

D#2 decorating the tree, believe it or not D#1 is decorating too!!!!!!!

She is actually googling Christmas Trees and then directing her sister on where to put the ornaments. D#1 is one of a kind, she likes to be in control. Must have got it from me, as I use to be so anal about decorating the tree, everything had to be just right, but then I realised I was taking the fun out of it for the kids. So for the last few years it has been their job to decorate the tree. I put on the lights and then they get to put all the ornaments on. My husband and I have so much fun sitting there watching them. The majority of the ornaments have a story or a special meaning, and as they hang them up they tell us about the ornament. The smiles on their faces is what it is all about. Sure my tree looks lopsided, and some areas are top heavy with ornaments, but they are so proud of their decorating. I can’t replace the happy memories they have of decorating the tree, with the perfect looking tree. Have a great day.

Saying Goodbye to Bad Habits

I have been a nail biter for 30-35 years, it is one of my many bad habits. I have tried many times to quit biting, even tried that yucky tasting stuff, but all to no avail. Well D#1 was the incentive, my girlfriend brings her for girls day out and they get a manicure, but D#1 wants to do it with Mom. Now my nails were chewed down as far as you could possibly chew (nasty habit I know), but I got up one morning and decided “that’s it, no more nail biting”, so 4 weeks later here they are.

                    So during Christmas break D#1 and I will be going for a manicure. I will confess, I have never ever had a manicure. Have a great day.