More of the White stuff!!!

So this is what we woke up to this morning. Now don’t laugh but the schools were on 2 hour delays. I was glad as I don’t like to drive if there is a chance it is icy, and the New Mexican drivers are the worst drivers in the snow. I can’t believe a few days ago it was 60 degrees, and today the high is 34-38 degrees. Time to light a fire and do some knitting. Have a great day.


It’s Snowing!!!!!!!

Ok so don’t laugh those of you who get inches-feet of snow, this is our snow in Albuquerque.


I can hear you all LOL at our little sprinkle, but this is snow to us. Maybe by this afternoon it will look like it really has snowed. Have a great day everyone.

On The Needles

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, ours was wonderful and relaxing. This is the first time in 13 years I have been off for Thanksgiving so that was nice. With being a nurse we all have to work 2-4 holidays depending on how many staff are employed at the time, and we always staff up by about 2 extra in case of sick calls. I usually try and get Christmas Eve off, as I work nights, but this year I’m off Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I’m really happy. I have been doing some knitting, 2 projects on the needles right now,     and

                                    Any guesses to what they are? Hint, they are not socks. Our temperature has been in the 60’s here, but the forecast is for snow on Wednesday or Thursday,  a couple of inches of snow (which would be a sprinkle or dusting for most people) can bring us to a standstill, schools are on 2 hour delays. We get so little snow, that we are not use to driving in it, but the kids love it. I’m hoping it does snow, and maybe I’ll have pictures of our little bit of snow. Have a great day.

Happy Thanksgiving


Way To Go Scout

Have you seen Scout’s news. She is going to be a TV star. In about 3 weeks she is going to be a guest on KnittyGritty. Congrats Scout, can’t wait to see the show.

In other news I received my 2nd package from the Indie Swag, which includes some of Scout’s handpainted wool. If you are waiting for yours, then don’t click on the picture.


All I can say is I love the colors. Have a great day.


Finally I actually have some knitting to show. I feel like I have’nt finished anything in a long while. First is the knitted socks I started weeks ago , finally they’re finished.



                 Wool: Lorna’s Laces Color 205 Irving Park

                 Pattern: Raindop Lace Socks by Evelyn Clark For Fiber Trend.

This was a really easy pattern, I thought it would be much harder. I made my leg shorter than the pattern, about half the size of the pattern.

Next are some of my Christmas knitting. These are going to be presents for the teachers. This is the first set I’ve made, I’m going to put soaps to match with them.       



I saw these Bath Mitts on Dipsy blog, and I just had to make them. She used a pattern inspired by Pens and Needles and then adjusted it.

                 Pattern: Inspired by Pens and Needles,  adjusted by Dipsy

                 Wool: Sugar and Cream

These are so fast and easy to make, I have already started on some more. Have a great day everyone.

Scout’s Meme

I don’t usual do these, but I wanted to do this one.

How And When Did You Learn To Knit/Crochet? Who Taught You?

I learnt to crochet when I was 5, my Mom taught me. She gave me a hook and a ball of wool and had me make chains. I think my chain was about 20 feet long, so I think she decided I could increase my knowledge. She also taught me to knit. We also learnt to knit in elementary school in Ireland (boys and girls). I always wanted to learn, as my Mom could knit and crochet anything. We always wore knitted sweaters in the winter, and I always remember watching her knit Aran sweaters, dresses, and hats, and thought someday I’m going to do that.

How Has The Craft Impacted Your Life?

Many different ways. I’ve met some great people that I probably would never have met. Some of the babies that I crochet baby blankets for their baby showers are now 8-9 year old and they show me their blanket that I made them that they still use to sleep with, it gives me such a good feeling. I find I am less stressed when I knit or crochet.  I enjoy the feeling it gives me when I have completed something. Now my girls are learning, and it feel like it connects the whole family. It is now a tradition, each mother showing her children how to knit/crochet.

Pick At Least One Person To Talk About Who You Have Met Through The Knit World?

Ok, there are too many people to just be able to pick one. But I guess if I had to pick one it would have to be Scout. I met her at my daughters gymnastics, she was sitting making socks for her little girl. Now at this time I had’nt knit for about 20 years, I just crochet all the time. So I started talking to her about the socks, were they hard to make. Needless to say, by the following week I was sitting with Scout making my own pair of socks, which has led to my own sock addiction. Strange Little Mama was also there. So every week for about a year we had our own little knitting group at our daughters gymanstics. Scout is a very dynamic, wonderful person. She is full of life, and a bundle of energy, I feel like a slug sometimes next to her. I don’t think I would ever have met her if it were’nt for knitting. I also would’nt have met the other knitters in the blog world if it was’nt for Scout. She started my blog page for me, I did’nt have a clue what to do, so she did it for me. So thank you Scout and thank you knitting, I have met some great people through you.

Not Enough Time

There is just not enough time in a day. Meetings everyday this week, and then tomorrow 3 kids all want me to go to their Thanksgiving dinners in school, of course they”re all at different times and 2 different schools. I’ll put back on that weight I lost!!!! Speaking of Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve ordered mine premade at the local grocery store, I know I’m lazy, but I’m afraid there is only so much time I can spend cooking before I have a major meltdown. This way everyone gets to enjoy the dinner and the day. And everyone one will be thankfull that Mom is in a good mood. I’m also so far behind on my knitting, too many unfinished projects. I was going to finish some last night but I started watching Dancing with the Stars. I don’t usually watch this, but I saw Emmett dancing and I really want him to win. So I’m off to find more time, have a great day.

I’m Back

Finally seem to have got the computer situation under control, our old one is kaput, it got some sort of virus in it. So we got a new one, but I’m afraid you get use to your old one, so it is taking me a little extra time to find everything here. As well as the respiratory bug, I also got the GI bug, I was vomitting for about 3 days. I lost 15 lbs. I’ve wanted to lose some weight but not this way. I’m feeling 100% better, but my appetite is still not great. Good news though, my camera is working again, so here is my last package from the Rocking Sock Club.


and then this is my favorite, from Scouts Indie swag  

and here’s what was inside.


I just love the black and white, can’t wait to make a pair of socks.

Now to some reading, I was’nt able to knit alot when I was sick, but I did do some reading.

WHISPERS by Lisa Jackson     

                                                              Cover Image I enjoy her books, especially if I want a fast read with not alot of thought gong in to it. Again it is about murder and romance.

HARD TOUCH by Mariah Stewart

                                                                Cover Image   I did’nt really enjoy this book. Again it was a murder mystery, but it seemed to be extremely slow reading. I finished it, but I found it hard  to read. I read some others but I can’t find where I put them right now. Hopefully next week I’ll have some pictures of finished projects. Have a great day.