Happy Halloween


Hope everyone has a happy halloween, don’t eat too much candy.



Another Week Gone By

Where does the time go, its been 7 days since I last blogged and it only feels like yesterday. Still only 1 computer up and running, which means I have to get in line with everyone else in the house to use it. The good news is my computer is at the computer hospital being fixed right now. Now my camera is a different story, I think I’ll have to invest in a new one. It was’nt just  computer viruses that ran amok in our house, we also had human ones too. Everyone had the upper respiratory bug that was going, followed by the stomach bug, everyone is on the mend now, but of course I then got it. I’m on antibiotics and in bed at the moment, so now I have the time to blog. I’m in my kids bed as they are here to install the new carpet in our master bedroom.

Have’nt done alot of knitting this week, as I have been decorating (Halloween decorations that is). I go overboard with my decorations. But any time I try and tone it down my kids say ” but Mom its not the same without the decorations”. So there are tombstones, ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons out front, and inside the house has everything from the spooky village, dancing skeletons, plus a display of photographs of the kids every year in their halloween costumes. You know they say Halloween has it roots in Ireland, so I guess I’m just celebrating another Irish holiday, just showing the kids their heritage!!!!!!

I have done some reading, I’ve read 2 more of Maggie Sefton books.

                      Needled to Death (Knitting Mysteries)


                                        Cover Image

I really enjoy her books, they are a quick read. They involve knitting, local yarn shop, murder and mystery, what more could you ask for. Oh it even includes a knitting patern in every book. Well thats all for now have a great day.



OK so I have been Missing In Blogging for the last week or so, well the computer crashed, then my DH crashed the laptop, so finally the lap top is fixed but still working on the other one. Of course the one that is still not working is the one I usually use, has all my links, shortcuts, etc., now I have to search for them. On top of that something went wrong with my camera, so I have no pictures, and there are so many things I wanted to show.

First, my Indie Swag package arrived, I just love the yarn and the bag, ( but I have no pics). The yarn is black, white and greyish, it will be on the needles this week, I just can’t decide what pattern to do.

D#2 turned 6 yesterday, we went to ITZ  for her birthday. We all had a great time. I just can’t believe she is 6!!!

I have a couple of finished projects too, as soon as everything is working I’ll show them. Now off to read all my favorite blogs that I have’nt read in over a week, lots of catching up to do. Have a great day.

Can You Guess????

 What this is


and this


Here they are out of the box


I bet Kelly knows.  They are Christmas Crackers, and no you don’t eat them. Growing up in Ireland, these were a Christmas tradition that we had every year after eating Christmas dinner. You pull them apart and they make a bang/snapping noise, inside is a paper hat, joke and a toy. We use to love doing them. Since I moved here I’ve had them every Christmas with my kids, but they are usually hard to find and expensive. But last year I found them here, and they have an endless supply at a good price. Normally the crackers are wrapped in gold, red, green, etc., but yesterday when I was at the store, I found these kids character ones, so I just had to get them. I’ll have to hide them because if my kids find them (even the 25 year old) they’ll want to pop them right away. Have a great day.


We have had nothing but rain and wind for the past few days, so I’m afraid I have no balloon pictures. The weather is meant to get better, so hopefully I’ll have pictures soon. With the rain came a leaky roof, hopefully its just a small area and we won’t have to get the whole roof done. Since the weather is bad, I’ve done some knitting. Do these count for Soctoberfest?????



They are part of a set I’ve made for another baby shower. Here’s the first one

      Hat Pattern: Bonnets & Bootees

      Sock Pattern: Just Your Basic Baby Socks

     Wool: Opal Color: Petticoat

Wool for this one was Jaeger Baby Merino 193, it was left over from a previous baby gift. The sock pattern for both of these I used the “Toe Down” version and I did 14-16 rows of rib for the cuff instead of 6 as I like to turn them down. I’ve started on a pair for myself, I had cast on earlier for these, but had to frog it so I restarted them for Soctoberfest. I’m only on the 1st 0ne.


 Hopefully I’ll have these finished soon. Have a great day.



The 2006 Albuquerque International Balloon Festival started today. Every morning we will wake up to many different colors and shapes of balloons in the sky, it is a sight to behold.  The beginning of the balloon festival always seems to cause a change in our weather, it gets a little cooler. We usually try and go and see the balloon glow at night with the kids. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures for you.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine


This is who I saw on Saturday night, Craig Ferguson. It was a comedy fundraiser for the Childrens Center at the hospital I work at. It was Black Tie, so I even wore a long dress ( which I have’nt done in years). He was so funny, my sides were hurting I laughed so much. Also, because I was born and bred in Ireland, I had no trouble understanding him.  Have a great day every one.