Funky Scarfs

I can’t believe I have’nt posted in a week, where does the time go. I’ve been painting and looking for carpet and tile for my bedroom and bathroom, but I have done some knitting. Here they are my 2 funky scarfs, just for me.

I saw these on Scout’s, and she even posted the pattern and wool she used, “Scouts Lengthwise Scarf”. I deviated a little from the wool and the pattern, but here they are.

For this one I used the following:

                      1 skein Caron Simply Soft Boucle, Color 0003 Bone

                      1 skein Moda Dea Lazy Daisy Color3572, Purple rain

                      1 skein Ironstone Yarns Bahamas

It is all knit, but I did 16 rows, as I like it a little wider. Here it is again on my kids playset.

This is the other one I made, again I deviated with a different wool.

This time I used: 1 skein Freedom Color 405

                               1 skein Ironstone Yarns Bahamas

                              1 skein Patons CiCi Color 64705 Calypso

again I knit 16 rows. They are a quick and easy knit, couple of hours.

As you can tell by all the pics  I really like these scarfs, I think they’ll look great with jeans. I have some other WIP that I hope I’ll have pics next week. Have a great day.


Grey’s Fever


The much anticipated season’s first episode is starting tonight. Now I don’t watch alot of TV but this is one show I’m addicted too. So tonight I’ll be knitting with Grey’s.

There is a Grey’s Kal . See I’m not the only one addicted to Grey’s or Dr McDreamy. Now I did’nt join this one, but I did join the following one.


It is the Soctoberfest 2006 you will find all the information over at Lolly’s, since I’m a sock addict too I could’nt resist joining it. Off to run errands, clean, laundry, etc., so I can have a guilt free, uninterrupted (right!!) hour of TV tonight. Have a great day.


Just received my package from Socks That Rock, here’s a picture. If you have’nt received yours don’t click on it to make it bigger.

                        I love the colors. It’s called Titania, and this time we get 2 patterns, don’t know which one I’m going to do yet. I also finally finished this, just in time, as the baby shower was last night.

Since I actually followed a pattern, it took me a little longer than usual. Most of the time I crochet baby afghans with no pattern.

         Pattern: “Exquisite” from “Best Of Terry Kimbough Baby Afghans”

         Wool : Red Heart Soft Baby Color 7730 Bright Pink. Have to use this so that it is machine washable for all the baby accidents. It can be washed hundreds of times and still look good.

 Have’nt done any other knitting as I’ve worked the last 3 nights, we have a bad upper respiratory bug going around here, At least 3 nurses a shift have been calling in, so I’ve been working some extra shifts. The money is good but I get sooo tired after working so many 12 hour night shifts in a row that I just kinda drag for the rest of the week. Have a great day everyone.

State Fair

The State Fair is in town, my 2 girls had a day off yesterday so we went to the fair. They had a blast. I even brought my knitting, and took some knitting related photos.


Click on pics to make them larger. The girls saw sheep being sheared, and then they saw the ladies spinning. They loved watching the spinning.

        Here they are on their pony rides.

Scout look at the name of the pony on picture #2, it was pure coincidence, I did’nt even notice until she was already on her. Of course a few rides had to be included.


Look at the smiles

And finally my favorite picture.

We had a great day, feet hurt by the time we were ready to go home, but it was fun. Have a great day.

Cloud Nine

I’m so happy I got one of the 6 month spots in Scouts Indie Swag club. OK a girl can never have too many knitted socks, I guess I can have too much wool to make them with. I wear my socks in work with my clogs all the time. Since we are all required to wear the same color scrubs, it is the nurses fashion statement or expression of individuality. You would be amazed at the socks we wear.

I have done some knitting  (click on picture to make it larger)

My first scarf for the Red Scarf Project 2007. The pattern I’m using is Men’s Cashmere Scarf from Last-Minute Knitted gifts. I also finished this scarf for a friend, she has been asking me to make her one of these for a while, she gave me the wool a month/ or two ago.  Sorry it’s not the best picture.

             Pattern:Knitpicks Potato Chip Scarf

              Wool: Angel #75 Plum

I’ve also done some reading:

Cloud Nine by Luanne Rice, this book came in a packet of 3 books. It was the other 2 books I wanted to read, I was’nt even going to read this one. Last night I could’nt sleep so I started reading this. I thought it might help me sleep, was I ever wrong. I could’nt put it down, I read the whole thing. The book is about family, illness, and love, but don’t let this mislead you into thinking it’s another sappy love story. It has a surprising turn of events in the middle of the story, I did’nt even see it coming. I can’t tell you any of the story as it would ruin it for you, I will tell you this “Have a box of Kleenex close by”. I’m not given to tears alot, but they were streaming down my cheeks for the last few chapters. It was a sight to see, Me crying with my reading light and tissues and DH snoring beside me. I really enjoyed this book. Have a great day.


Go check out Scout’s new club, sign ups are tonight and space is limited. Here’s a link to it, I can’t wait to sign up for it.


She has the most gorgeous hand painted wool. While on the subject of painting, no I’m not going to start dyeing wool, I’ll leave that to the more talented people I know. I’ve finally started decorating my house, I have’nt done anything to it in 13 years. So since the kids are in school I decided now is the time. First room is the master bedroom, I just finished painting it today. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do. Already the kids are “do mine, I want this color” but they will have to wait, because for a change I’m going to do something for DH and I first. I think we deserve a beautiful room where we can go to unwind and relax. So for the next few weeks it will be decorating in the morning and knitting at night. Have a great day everyone.



Morning After

I survived the party, had a killer of a headache, but an afternoon nap and some Motrin cured that. The party was a success, everyone seemed to have alot of fun, no crying, fighting, and no one had to be brought home in the middle of the night. Six girls ended up staying the night. Karaoke was a blast, just imagine 10 nine year olds singing (more like wailing like cats) along with Raven, Cheetah girls etc and posing too. It was so funny. The ones that stayed the night were all up until midnight whispering and giggling, and then they all woke up at 7am ready to sing again. The bears were a huge success, in fact the girls want to learn how to make them. So of course silly me, I said I would teach them to knit (must be crazy), since they all do girl scouts together, I’m going to teach them to knit on one of their girl scouts nights. I don’t have a pattern for the bears, my Mom taught me how to make them. I will look to see if I can find a pattern, and if I can’t I’ll write down how to make them and post it. They are really easy just 2 pieces and you just knit. The wool I used is Canon Simply Soft from Hobby Lobby, its $1.27 and you get 3 bears out of 1 ball.

As well as the party, we had 3 soccer games on Saturday. They all enjoyed their games, my motto is that it does’nt matter whether you win or lose once they are having fun. No pictures of my son in his soccer uniform as he thinks thats not cool, but I have pictures of the girls. Here’s D#1, she does’nt like the color of the uniform, she would prefer something brighter (oh the drama).

Here is D#2, this was her first soccer game, her practice is right before the game which is nice. Ok so she is so tiny the uniform is way too big for her, I had to roll the waistband of the shorts 3 times, and then tie a huge knot in the string of the waistband to keep the shorts up. She did’nt care, she was just so happy to be playing. She literally bounced and skipped up and down the field with a big smile on her face, then on the way home she kept saying “Mom I had so much fun, when can I play again”.

Now to knitting, I actually did knit something else besides bears. I have to bring knitting to their soccer games, it helps to control my loud support (Yelling) of my kids. This is for a baby shower I have coming up soon.


                       The wool I used is JAEGER Baby Merino 193

                        Pattern for the hat: Cleckheaton Bonnets & Bootees

                        Pattern for socks:North Country Cotton Baby Socks

Time to take a nap before I go to work tonight. Have a great day.

Finished At Last

Finally I finished them, and not a moment to soon, as the party is at 4:00pm today. They are for D#1 party bags, she picked the colors to go with the bubble baths and lotions that she wanted in her bags. I was sick all day yesterday so I did’nt do much with these bears, so this AM I was up at 6:00 to finish them. I must be crazy, but I guess I should be grateful that my daughter is still a child at heart and wants bears over makeup. Here they are with the bubble baths and lotions.

Got to go, as we have 3 soccer games before the party. Have a great day, I’ve already taken my Motrin.


D#1 turned 9 on Wednesday, Happy Birthday.

She is having a sleep over party on Saturday night, wish me luck!! Eight 9 year old girls and a Karaoke machine, I must be crazy. I have a supply of Motrin and ear plugs on hand for me and my husband in case the singing is a little too much.

The second celebration is for D#2, on Tuesday it was 5 years since her open heart surgery to repair an ASD(atrial septal defect), which is a hole in between her atriums.

It is a heart defect that is a 100% correctable with surgery, she is on 2 year visits with her cardiologist, and hopefully next year they will release her. Last night at her gymnastics, while watching her swing on the parallel bars like a monkey, I realised how blessed I am with my children.

Knitting, knitting!!!! I actually have been knitting and lots of it, but it is just not finished yet.

Can you guess what it is? It is a project for D#1, and I am on strict orders that I am not to knit anything else until I have finished this. Hopefully I will have completed it and have pictures by the end of the week. Have a great day.