All About Nothing

OK so no knitting completed, lots of work in progress though. We have just been hanging out, swimming, relaxing, reading, the kids friends over playing and lots of sleepovers. With 3 kids at home and all of them having sleepovers it feels like I have a kids summer camp in my house, but it has been fun. Now to reading, my summer reading goal was to read only works by authors I had never read, I’m proud to say I have kept this goal (although I have been tempted many times by my fav authors). I get my books in the library mainly, so last week I went with my kids to our local library with my list in hand. This list was comprised of all the suggestions you have posted on my blog, thank-you. D#1 came out with a bigger bag of books than me, it seems like that is the one and only gene she got from me, her love of reading. She is only 8, and sometimes I have to limit the amount of time she reads. She will curl up in a chair and read for hours. Anyway I have’nt started my bag of books yet, as I bought about 10 books on clearance in one of the book stores, so I’ve been reading those first.

1) WINDFALLS by Jean Hegland: Completely different from what I normally read. It’s about 2 pregnant teenage girls, the choices they make and how it affects their lives.Their stories are interwoven, and eventually they meet. It is a profound look at motherhood, choices we make, and the impact we can have on one another. I enjoyed this one.

2)NIGHT FALL by Nelson DeMille:  Conspiracy at the highest level centered around a TWA flight exploding in midair. Full of suspense and action but the ending left me hanging in midair.

3)The First 48 by Tim Green: Corruption, revenge and kidnapping. This was a slow read for me, I just could’nt get into it. It was kinda all over the place.

4)LAWYERED TO DEATH by Michael Biehl: Murder and curruption which is considered business savvy in large organisations. Attorney Karen Hayes has to defend her client first from a sexual harassment suit, and then the murder of his wife. It was a quick read, has many twists and surprises, keeps you guessing.

Finally, BLACK BEAUTY by Anna Sewell

                            Book Cover

This is one of my favorite books from my childhood. I have been reading it to my daughters this summer. We finished it this weekend, they too seem to have enjoyed it as much as me. Well thats all for now, hopefully I’ll have some knitting on the next post. Have a great day.



  1. Chris said,

    August 9, 2006 at 2:35 am

    I was horse crazy as a kid – all the Black Beauty books, the Misty books, My Friend Flicka, and more more more. I even have the Black Beauty dvd, mostly for the soundtrack and the gorgeous island scenery.

  2. Amy said,

    August 9, 2006 at 1:24 pm

    I too am a avid reader and can you believe I have never read Black Beauty!

  3. Tussilago said,

    August 9, 2006 at 8:12 pm

    I also remember Black Beauty..but as tv-series.
    You writing about your reading goal, have made me speed up my reading to. At the moment I am reading a norwegian author.. Anne B. Ragde. I got one of her books a year ago..but I haven`t started reading it until now;)

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