Happy To Be Home

We had a great weekend in Durango for my son's soccer tournament, what a beautiful place and soooo green. We stayed in a beautiful Bed and Breakfast right in the middle of down town Leland House . My son's team made it to the championship game, the game was tied, they went to overtime and that was tied too, so they had to do penalty kicks and we ending up losing that, so we came in second. Here is a picture of my son receiving his medal.


Ok so the only knitting I did was on the drive to Durango and back home, no knitting was done at the games, I was too busy cheering!!!!  But my daughter spotted this place one evening, and I just had to take a picture.


Of course it was closed, so I could'nt even go look. Mothers Day held a surprise for all the Moms. Before the first game on Sunday, the coach had all the moms come to the edge of the field, then he had the whole team walk across the field and hand their Moms a white rose that they had hid behind their backs, can't you just see it, 11 year old boys being hugged and kissed by teary eyed mothers on a soccer field, not cool Mom. Here's a picture of the rose, it survived a 4 hour drive home in a water bottle.


Finally, the TV program I'm addicted too, had its 2 hour final episode last night


I love this show, even though I'm a nurse in critical care and some of the things are not accurate, I still love it. So I sat down with my knitting last night to watch the seasons final episode, but no knitting was done, as I spent too much time teary eyed. Now I'm not an over emotional person, infact my BF says I remind her of Dr. Yang(might be Yeng) in the show, so she would have been shocked to see me with my box of tissues. I can't wait till next season. Hope everyone has a great day.


1 Comment

  1. Kelly said,

    May 17, 2006 at 2:02 pm

    ohhh sounds like quite the nail biting game! I think I would have been jumping up and down on the sidelines the whole time 🙂

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