No posting for a while, as my son is playing in a soccer tournament this weekend out of town. Of course I'll be bringing my knitting, Shadow shawl, Cedar Creek socks, maybe I'll get them finished. Its a 4 hour drive so you never know. My son hates me to shout at his games, he in fact suggested I bring my knitting. He even said "Mom, if your knitting, you can't watch me", hey smart kid. I try not to say anything when he's playing but its sooo hard, most of the time I record his games which helps me keep quiet, cos the first time you play it and hear yourself cheering its like "Who is that person?" and then you realise its you. The embarrassment!!! So all weekend I will watch his games and either sit and knit QUIETLY or record him. Yeah sure!!!!. Have a great weekend.



  1. ann said,

    May 13, 2006 at 2:29 am

    good luck to his team!

  2. Kelly said,

    May 13, 2006 at 12:26 pm

    Have a good weekend!
    Whats the point in having kids if you can’t embarrass them evert now and then. CHEER CHEER CHEER!

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