World Wide Knit


I never knew there was such a day, World Wide Knit in Public Day, go check it out, it is on Saturday June 10th. Scout is one of the organisers of the KIP Day, in New Mexico. Of course I'm working, maybe I can bring my knitting to work that day, yeah right!!!!

Now to animals, I'm not the greatest animal person but my children are. So 2 years ago we got a miniature schnauzer named "Misty" and I really do like her.


Now as you can see my son likes her shaggy. Well this weekend I worked 4 night shifts and this is what I came home to at 07:30AM


No they did'nt dye Misty blonde, this is "Fluffy". My DH (although he was'nt darling at that time) agreed to dog sit Fluffy for a friend for 2 weeks but forgot to let me know!!! Well it is actually going really good, Misty loves Fluffy and the kids are having a great time with both dogs.



Happy Memorial Weekend


Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm going to be working for the whole weekend Friday through Monday, all night shifts. Holiday weekends can be a little crazy in a hospital. My family is off to another soccer tournament, last one until the fall. Yeah.

Summer Knitting And Reading

First I want to thank you for the really nice comments on my last post about my co-worker, it meant alot. Thank you. Now to a summer of knitting and reading, oh and 3 of my kids at home on summer vacation too! I joined the "Summer Reading  Challenge 2006" on "Amanda's Weekly Zen", it should be fun.


I've also joined "Summer Of Socks" which I found on Zarzuela's blog,


I'm probably going to use the wool from "Rockin Sock Club", it just came the other day. Its called Fairgrounds, and I'll probably use the pattern that came with  it.


Are'nt the colors pretty. I finally finished Cedar Creek socks  with the Rainforest Jasper wool from the above club. Ok so they don't match, don't know where I went wrong on the second sock. At first I was going to redo it, but then I decided I liked them this way. They feel so good on.


Last but not least, I have'nt forgotton the kids. They all signed up for our local library's reading program. So looks like a summer of reading, knitting, and swimmimg. Have a great day.

Take The Time………..

to hug some one today, or tell them that you love them.


This is a sad posting, I work as a nurse in a critical care and every day it can be an emotional rollercoaster ride. This weekend was especially heart wrenching. One of our co-workers was brought in with a massive head bleed and died. It makes you realise how precious every moment is, she was young in her 40's with teenagers at home, and she seemed to be as healthy as could be. I've been having a hard time with this, so I thought if I wrote about it, it might help me. Please excuse the ramblings, but the one thing I seem to be getting from this is To Take The Time to hug the people around you, sit and listen to your children even if you are in the middle of doing something, call that friend you've been meaning to call. Life is full of unknowns, and it is not the big things that matter, but the precious time we spend with family and friends. So today I am going to Take the Time…… with my family. Laundry, household chores, work, worries, can all wait. So enjoy every second of your day today, and don't sweat the big stuff.

Cutest New Blog


 I just found the cutest new blog, it is written by the same author of Loobylu. If you have kids or love doing crafts with kids, then you have to check it out, its called KIDDLEY. Its got all sorts of fun things to do and make, like the Five Minute Potato People or the Bedtime Bag                       

   soulebedtimebags.jpe              potatopeople021.jpe

 Are’nt they cute, there are lots of different ideas, so go check it out.

Happy To Be Home

We had a great weekend in Durango for my son's soccer tournament, what a beautiful place and soooo green. We stayed in a beautiful Bed and Breakfast right in the middle of down town Leland House . My son's team made it to the championship game, the game was tied, they went to overtime and that was tied too, so they had to do penalty kicks and we ending up losing that, so we came in second. Here is a picture of my son receiving his medal.


Ok so the only knitting I did was on the drive to Durango and back home, no knitting was done at the games, I was too busy cheering!!!!  But my daughter spotted this place one evening, and I just had to take a picture.


Of course it was closed, so I could'nt even go look. Mothers Day held a surprise for all the Moms. Before the first game on Sunday, the coach had all the moms come to the edge of the field, then he had the whole team walk across the field and hand their Moms a white rose that they had hid behind their backs, can't you just see it, 11 year old boys being hugged and kissed by teary eyed mothers on a soccer field, not cool Mom. Here's a picture of the rose, it survived a 4 hour drive home in a water bottle.


Finally, the TV program I'm addicted too, had its 2 hour final episode last night


I love this show, even though I'm a nurse in critical care and some of the things are not accurate, I still love it. So I sat down with my knitting last night to watch the seasons final episode, but no knitting was done, as I spent too much time teary eyed. Now I'm not an over emotional person, infact my BF says I remind her of Dr. Yang(might be Yeng) in the show, so she would have been shocked to see me with my box of tissues. I can't wait till next season. Hope everyone has a great day.



No posting for a while, as my son is playing in a soccer tournament this weekend out of town. Of course I'll be bringing my knitting, Shadow shawl, Cedar Creek socks, maybe I'll get them finished. Its a 4 hour drive so you never know. My son hates me to shout at his games, he in fact suggested I bring my knitting. He even said "Mom, if your knitting, you can't watch me", hey smart kid. I try not to say anything when he's playing but its sooo hard, most of the time I record his games which helps me keep quiet, cos the first time you play it and hear yourself cheering its like "Who is that person?" and then you realise its you. The embarrassment!!! So all weekend I will watch his games and either sit and knit QUIETLY or record him. Yeah sure!!!!. Have a great weekend.

Beginning and Ending!!!!

The "Carnival" handpainted socks by Scout are done


I used a sock pattern by Sockbug "River Rapid Socks", it is meant to be for top down with 2 needles, but I used 4 double pointed needles US2. It was a really quick and easy pattern to make. Next pair of socks is the "Cedar Creek Socks"


well, actually only 1 sock completed, I'm working on my 2nd one now. Its all Scout's fault for showing me her handpainted wool, and for talking me into the "Shadow Shawl" knit along. I've started the shawl, here is the beginning of it


This pattern was very frustrating to start, I must have ripped it out 8-10times (although I was forewarned regarding this). My problem was that I was reading the grid backwards ( hey, I'm from Ireland we drive on the other side of the road, so its understandable). So I wrote out the first 50 rows and it was much easier. Now I'm on a roll. I'm making this for my Mom's birthday, she's coming to stay from Ireland for a month this summer. Her favorite colors are Lavender and Charcoal grey. Growing up she always knitted us sweaters, including Aran sweaters, all our sweaters were handknitted by her. Last year she crocheted 2 shawls each for both of my daughters, so it will be great to see her wear something I made for her.

Last but not least Thank-you to everyone who has commented on my blog, I really enjoy reading everyone's blog, it can be addicting. Have a great day.

“CARNIVAL”—Handpainted Wool by Scout


I could'nt wait to use the wool I bought from Scout, here's a picture of the first sock, I'm nearly done with the second one. I'm using a Pattern By Sockbug called RIVER RAPID SOCKS. It knits up really quickly.
I have'nt had much time to blog lately as I'm working some extra shifts at the hospital, we usually start to slow down in the Critical care unit that I work in at this time of year, but not this year, we are full most of the time. I work 12 hr nights so I'm posting this before I go take a nap. Hopefully when I wake up I can sit down and post, as I have a couple of other projects in the works.