flowers 2

Originally uploaded by irishmama.

Here's a another pic of the flowers in my front yard, is'nt the color beautiful. I think I want to knit socks in that color. Its knitting withdrawel, no knitting for a day or 2, as I've been sorting all the kids clothes to see what still fits. Today I cleaned my car, what a mess. My kids having been hiding all their junk, papers, ??food??, under the seats, it took me hours. My daughter is sick so no gymnastics either today, I usualy get some knitting done there with Scout, StrangeLittleMama, and some of the other moms. We should call it "Knitting Gym". Well time to go, my other 2 kids should be getting off the school bus any minute now, can't wait to see their faces when I show them their belongings!!! that I found under the car seats today.


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