Here is my completed "Ruffles" scarf, my daughter "The Princess" is modelling it below.


The pattern was "RUFFLES" by Amanda Blair Brown, from the book Scarf Style

I used "Suri Merino" wool Color 2174

It is a present for my sister in Ireland and is part of a set with the "Odessa" hat below.          



Hand Painted Wool

So my mysterious seller was Scout, she has now opened shop for hand painted wool, go take a look. Click on the above banner and hopefully I got it to link, (Linking is not my specialty) then hit on "shop" and you'll see her whole listing.

Beautiful Hand Dyed Wool

This is the other skein I bought from the mysterious seller yesterday.

Wool Glorious Wool

Is'nt this wool beautiful, I bought this and another one yesterday from a first time seller. They are so newly hand painted that she did'nt have a name for them yet. She said she would never, never sell, but never say never. I think that is why she is "eating crow" today.

funky socks

funky socks

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I made these socks out of some left over scarf yarn for the cuff, and I don't even know the name of the left over pink wool. I used a basic kids sock pattern. My 2 girls don't like the self striping socks, so I left them pick their own wool from my left over stash, and this is what they came up with. I have to make them more as they wear them all the time.

flowers 2

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Here's a another pic of the flowers in my front yard, is'nt the color beautiful. I think I want to knit socks in that color. Its knitting withdrawel, no knitting for a day or 2, as I've been sorting all the kids clothes to see what still fits. Today I cleaned my car, what a mess. My kids having been hiding all their junk, papers, ??food??, under the seats, it took me hours. My daughter is sick so no gymnastics either today, I usualy get some knitting done there with Scout, StrangeLittleMama, and some of the other moms. We should call it "Knitting Gym". Well time to go, my other 2 kids should be getting off the school bus any minute now, can't wait to see their faces when I show them their belongings!!! that I found under the car seats today.



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One Skein Knit-Along


If you click on the above picture you can see it better, its kinda blurry in this little picture.

This is my first project from the ONE SKEIN book by Leigh Radford. I had planned on making a bag, but my girls wanted clothes for their stuffed animals. Here is my youngest daughters special friend "Kelly" modeling the Baby Bolero.

                           Picture 007.jpg

I used Bernat cottontots, and I made 2 boleros out of 1and a half skeins. They were quick and easy to make and my girls love them. Time to go read at my daughters school. Have a good day.