PoMo Meme

Scout had this meme for anyone who has no knitting to post today. As I don't have any paintings in my house except for my kids artwork, I'm going to post theirs. They get to pick their fav artwork every year and I frame it and put it on the wall for them. They love showing it to people, and that it is on display

                      .Picture 005.jpg This was done by my son, at age 9. The next one was drawn by my daughter at age 5, as you can see she pays attention to every detail, even the birds in the trees.

                                   Picture 004.jpg


“Don’t Come a Knockin”sock club

sock club.jpg

 This is my first sock that I have on the needles using the wool "Rainforest Jasper" from Blue Moon Fiber arts. I'm using the pattern "Cedar Creek" that came in the package with the wool. I'm actually liking the way the color is turning out, and I really like this wool to knit with. So far I have followed the pattern exactly, I'm making the large size, I used #1 needles to start and then changed to #2 for the heel. Hopefully I'll be finished soon. Also since I finally figured out how to send my pics, if you click on it you can see a bigger picture. Eventually I'll have this blogging down, my next item is to figure out how to get buttons!!!!


So I finally finished my Jaywalkers,I had them nearly

 sock21.jpg complete a month ago, but I was short a tiny bit of yarn. The store was out of the yarn so they were ordering it for me, but it still has'nt come in. So I undid both socks and redid them, this time I made them  about an inch shorter on the leg. I could have made 3 pairs in the time it took me to make this one pair.


So yesterday, my 2 kids did'nt arrive home on the school bus, actually the bus never even passed my house. So I call the school and find out that they are on "Lock Down" and they won't be releasing any kids until the lockdown is lifted. I turn on the news and see the breaking news regarding the 3 schools that are on lockdown due to a tip on a suspicious person in the area, all the streets are also closed so you can't even drive to your childrens school. The hardest part is sitting and waiting (even though you know it is for your childrens safety), you worry are they scared,frightened. The lock down was lifted by 3.30 so I drove up and got my children. My son of course thought it was cool, him and his friends were hoping for a sleep over in the school library, my daughter who is younger (8years)  did'nt know what was happening around the area, but just that they could'nt leave the school and she and her friends were "alittle scared" but she felt o.k. "cos her big brother was in the library with her"(this is the same brother that fights with her every day). Needless to say once they were both home they could'nt wait to tell all their friends about "the exciting event in school today". Me , I was just glad to have them both home with me.

Sock Yarn

Yeah, I got my sock yarn with all the extras!!!!! yesterday, it is such a pretty color, I can’t wait to start. I can’t show pictures(not that i’m very good at doing that yet) as not every one in the sock club kal has received their package yet. It is fun getting surprise colors as my plan is to knit myself a pair of socks every month, and I never can decide which color, this way the decision is already made for me.

Baby Gifts


 baby 1 0011.jpg

I have 2 baby showers coming up, both boys, so I made 2 sets of these. One with booties and 1 with socks. Are’nt they cute.  I used 1 skein of   “LIMBO MEXIKO” COLOR 2581 for each set. The hat pattern was from the book “Bonnets and Bootees”, the socks I just used a basic sock pattern and made them smaller. I now have to find someone who is having a girl as I want to do them in pink. I still am very novice at blogging, I’m surprised I can even send pictures here, but I’m afraid you can’t make them bigger. They say Practice makes Perfect. Thats my goal for this year, to learn to blog like a pro.


Well its my national holiday, and I'm sooo homesick(even though I've lived in the USA for 17 years), but all my family is in Ireland. They'll all be wearing shamrock and watching the St.Patricks Day Parade. As a child I walked in the parade every year, in my Irish dance costume and ringlets in my hair. Today I had to put green temporary washout color in my son and daughters hair, drew shamrocks on their cheeks, and my son had painted his white laces green. Last but not least I can't even go out and celebrate tonight as I'm working, but my co-workers are having a St Patricks Day potluck including cornbeef!!!!!! Slainte

Rainy Days

Well it is meant to rain here today(which in its self is cause for celebration as we don’t get alot of rain), but it has’nt started yet. I never thought I’d say this but “I miss the rain”, especially after growing up in Ireland where it rains every day. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting knitting by a fire listening to the rain.Well if working as a nurse, raising 4 kids, running to soccer practice, gymnastics, and reading clubs etc., I have joined the Blue Moon Fiber sock club, and the One Skein Knit Along, I just could’nt resist. Hey now I can watch “American Idol” with my kids( who are hooked on it) and knit. My kids like the guy Chris.Well Time for homework, laundry and snacks so I don’t feel guilty when I sit down and knit tonight.

Sock Club

So I broke down and ordered the full years supply for the socks from Blue Moon Fibers, and I joined the sockclub kal. My favorite knitting is socks, I use to crochet all the time until I saw Scout knitting socks, ans she showed me how to do them and now I’m addicted. As for my blog I’m going to keep trying even though I have such a hard time with it. I can’t even get the sockclubkal button over to my blog. HELP!!! I might just have to meet with you Scout and you can do a remedial class on blogging with me.

Just Starting

odessa 2.jpg odessa1.jpg

 This is my first time doing a blog. In fact Scout had to start it up for me, and

I'm still learning what to do. Here are some pics from my Olympic project.  It was ODESSA by Grumperina